Halloween Treats on Bourbon Street

Today I thought I'd share a party invitation with a Halloween color palettes that goes beyond the traditional black and orange. Purple and red as shown in this fun invitation set is one of our top picks for Halloween colors right now. A color palette like this one still needs some dark accents in order to achieve the spooky feel, but think of using black as the accent color... the cherry on top.... the finishing touch.... you know what I mean.

Halloween Treats on Bourbon Street

Take my advise and don't be afraid to try out a bright or unusual color combination on your next Halloween project. You might just surprise yourself with the results.

Jewel Tone Junkies

Believe it or not fall is upon us, which means it's time for all you winter brides to be getting serious about your invitations.

Today's post is to bust the myth that a winter wedding = lack of color. Not this year, honey! Not you.

So, to help motivate you, I thought I'd put together some fabulous winter inspiration for you: jewel tones.

Here at Ann Elizabeth, we love the idea of jewel tones for a winter wedding. These are such regal-looking colors, and a lot of depth can be achieved using lustrous fabrics and paper.

We love this look, and hope you will, too!

Photo credits from left to right:

Zuma Photo

Robin Lin

Ann Elizabeth

Photo found via Wedding Bee

Robin Lin

Bridal Shoppe

Zuma Photo, menu design by Ann Elizabeth

Santa Barbara Chic

 And here's today's pinnable! Enjoy!