Food for Thought

Happy Tuesday! Today's post is a little different than usual.

It's good to change things up, right? We're just trying to keep you on your toes.

I stumbled on this quote the other day and I've been anxious to share it with you. It's by the wonderful wordsmith, Mark Twain:

I love this quote. And I especially love it it when applied to the design of your wedding invitation and your plans for your wedding in general. Here at Ann Elizabeth, we love it when brides dare to be original and come up with a concept that's out of the ordinary. We're all about working with our brides to create something as unique and beautiful as they are!

At the end of the day, just ask yourself, "Do I want to play it safe and have a cookie cutter invitation, or do I want it to be extraordinary?"  I DARE you to go for the latter. Your wedding day is such a special one, and your invitation is the first glimpse your guests get as to the tone of your perfect day. Make it count!

Hopefully this got some creative juices flowing for your invitation design. If you want to browse invitations you could take bits and pieces from to create your own unique look, head on over to our website! Feel free to share, pin, tweet, digg, shout from atop a mountain, or however you see fit!