A Look We Love: On the edge with EDGE PAINTING!

First, I just have to say- I love doing these posts! Maybe it's because in preparing for them, I get to "revel in my print nerdery" and gawk at so many fabulous printed pieces. Today's topic is nothing short of that, too.

Now, if you're sitting here asking yourself, "What in the world is 'edge painting?"-- Don't worry! You're not alone, and I'm delighted to fill you in. Edge Painting is a technique where color is applied to the thinnest edges of paper to add visual interest. Folks have been known to do bold (or not so bold- both fantastic) pops of any color, metallic, or foil (which is actually called Foil Edging). Bella Figura has a post where they help you figure out which of those techniques is best for you. Check that out here. In a moment you'll see for yourself just how much oompf this adds to any printed piece. Love, love, LOVE it!

If you're interested in learning about how a printer goes about edge painting, Oh So Beautiful Paper has a great post about it. Read that here.

If you're not wanting details, just the goods, wait no longer! Enjoy for yourself the following potpourri of edge painted wonders: