It is more than common for brides to have questions about Save the Dates. To send or not to send? What information HAS to be included?  In today’s post, I’ll cover the “ins and outs” of Save the Dates, and help you decide if these wedding reminders are a necessity for your wedding or not.

Do I need to send Save the Dates?

This is kind of a trick question, because it really depends on a few key things, like if your wedding is:

  • a destination wedding for everyone; you AND your guests will be traveling somewhere for the wedding.

    If you’ve got everyone jetting somewhere for your big day, it’s best to give them as much time as possible to book their airfare, hotels, etc.

  • a destination wedding for your guests; you live in the area you’re “tying the knot,” but some or all of your guests will be flying in.

    Just because it’s not a destination for you, doesn’t mean it’s not for them! Let’s say you live in California, and want to get married on the beach you got engaged on. Your big, Italian family from New Jersey is flying in, so it’s best to give them time to book travel and lodging.

  • your wedding date is on or over a holiday/ holiday weekend.

    This is one people tend to over-look. If you’re planning on getting married over a national holiday- let’s say Independence Day weekend- it’s best to give people a “heads-up” so they can make sure they’re there for your wedding.

  • Here’s a special one: your region’s traditions.

It may come as a surprise, but the United States has different traditions based on its different regions. The eastern US tends to expect more traditional correspondence, including a Save the Date (which, itself, is comparatively a newer element of wedding correspondence). The western US tends to be more relaxed about expectations for what you send and what you don’t. Simply read up on what the majority of your guests would anticipate for your event and be sure to accomodate them.

Do my Save the Dates need to match my wedding invitations?

Not necessarily. Some brides-to-be panic a little bit over the myth that they need to exactly match their Save the Dates with their invitations; that they’ll have to commit to a given theme prematurely, then if they end up wanting to change, it’ll be too late. Your Save the Dates definitely don’t need to match your invitations, but it is nice to have at least your colors, font(s), or a motif that is consistent throughout. Above all else, it is key that your Save the Dates reflect the tone of your event, whether it’s formal, casual, etc.

When should I send my Save the Dates?

We recommend sending your Save the Dates six months to a year in advance. Have a shorter engagement, but still feel the need to send Save the Dates? The sooner you can send them, the better. Or, consider using a more non-traditional method of getting your wedding date known, like a wedding website.

What information do I need to include?

These may seem painfully obvious, but there are some Save the Dates we’ve seen that fail to mention some of this crucial information:

  1. Names of the Bride- and Groom- to-be
  2. The date of your wedding
  3. The location of your wedding
  4. Information that a formal invitation will follow
  5. List your wedding website if you have one, where information regarding lodging, wedding day information, etc may be found.

The way you give this information is completely up to you, but remember that your Save the Date sets the tone for your wedding. We don’t recommend having a Save the Date that is really playful and informal when you plan to have a black tie wedding.

Who should I send Save the Dates to?

It’s a common misconception that you only need to send Save the Dates to certain guests- ones who will be traveling a great distance to your wedding. Don’t do this. It is best practice to send a Save the Date to anyone you want at your wedding, no matter the distance they’ll have to travel. If you send a Save the Date, include everyone you want in attendance at your ceremony and/or reception.

Hopefully this post clears up some confusion about Save the Dates. Have you seen a Save the Date that stood out to you for good or bad reasons? We want to hear about it! Leave a comment below.