“What’s the big deal about designing wedding invitations? Can’t I just do it myself?” This is a question we know many brides ask as they start planning their weddings– especially if said bride is on a budget. This post was designed to outline the basics of all that wedding invitation design entails and help you answer that ever-burning question: “Can’t I just do it myself?”.

Keep in mind this is a very simple outline, and that with each of these steps come different issues and intricacies that make the job a bit more difficult than one might imagine. Headaches like this are why we (Ann Elizabeth) exist: to alleviate your stresses in wedding invitation design. We know how stressful wedding planning can be, so if there’s any chance we can ease that for you we’ll take it!

Hopefully that list hasn’t scared you, but made you more aware of the different steps necessary for wedding invitation design and proper etiquette. Custom design is an excellent option if you aren’t feeling too keen on tackling all of this yourself, and you’ve most definitely come to the right place for custom: Ann Elizabeth.

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