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Today, I am ecstatic to share with you yet another fabulous inspiration board surrounding:


Love, love, love this paper! For those of you unfamiliar with kraft, it's known as a more casual paper, but as of late has risen to more semi-formal occasions. It's typically a brown, natural-looking paper with little darker flecks in it. Kraft can be bleached to be (almost) white, but the most popular form is brown.

Prepare to be amazed by what you're about to see. Really. You'll see how the casual nature of kraft is transformed to be something completely different. Kraft can be so versatile: from cutesy and informal to natural and elegant.

There is one way to dress up kraft that we absolutely love here at Ann Elizabeth... and that is lace. Lace is (in our humble opinion) such a gorgeous way to "pretty up" the comfort of kraft. See for yourself in our inspiration board below!

Whether kraft is the star of your wedding invitation ensemble or if there's simply a kiss of kraft, it's sure to be a success.

Are you thinking of using kraft as part of your wedding, party, or other celebration? Tell us about it in the comments below. We love to hear how everyone uses kraft in such diverse ways.

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Ann Elizabeth

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Oh So Beautiful Paper

Jupiter and Juno

Jupiter and Juno

Cut and Paste

The Factor That Can Make or Break Your Wedding

It is no secret that I am a huge believer in the impact color has on us. It's everywhere!

And believe it or not, others (businesses, especially) are using color to influence you.

Sounds like a conspiracy theory, I know.

But truly, color has a remarkable ability to transform the way you interpret things. I could talk for days about how our world of color impacts us, so for today I'll keep it to the color palette you choose for your wedding.

Your color palette will set the tone for your event, so choose wisely. No pressure, right?? It will create the mood and set the tone for your event. When you think about it, you've got a lot of control over what your guests might feel at your event. It's cool to think that you have a say in the finest details of your event, right down to the mood and ambiance your guests interpret. Love it!

With today's post, I hope to help you with 2 things:

1) Provide for you a simple, easy-to-understand crash course on color psychology to help minimize confusion and fear of color.

2) Help you understand the importance of color and how it can make or break your event.

I realize there's a chance you simply like a few colors and want those as your wedding colors. No problem! You can use this post to check the meanings of the colors you've chosen.

Take a look at the following infographic, courtesy of yours truly, containing the ingenius content from Not every color in the book is listed here, but you'll get a good idea for the symbolism color has, and the affect it'll have on your event.


Hopefully this gave you a better idea about color and how it can make your event even more fabulous.

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If you're interested in learning more, here are some more great color psychology sources:

The Recipe for Letterpress Success

If you've done any browsing of our past blog posts, chances are you've witnessed how huge of a nerd I become when I talk about letterpress.

Simply put, it's lovely.

I can't pinpoint just one thing I love about letterpress. It's everything... from the soft, pillowy paper to the dynamic levels the impressions create... I just love it. 100% elegant, 100% perfect!

So today, I'd like to share some tips on how to get the most out of your experience with letterpress... a perfect recipe for letterpress success. We'll break it down by elements of an invitation.




If you have any questions about letterpress, please leave a comment below or feel free to contact us! And don't forget to share this post with all of your letterpress-loving friends.


Your invitation could be this stunning...

I feel it would be doing you all a major injustice to NOT see these exquisite invitations.

Today, I am beyond excited to share with you one of my favorite invitation ensembles I've seen in a while. I have been itching to share this with all of you, but have been holding off as a courtesy to the bride - gotta have some element of surprise, right?

I'll let you choose for yourself, but I kid you not: if I could have a mulligan and relive my wedding invitations, they would look like this. So pretty! Kudos to Ann, owner and lead designer here at Ann Elizabeth.

We encourage you to pin this, tweet it, share it on facebook, whatever you like! Just make sure you link to it, right back here. We love seeing how others love what we do.

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To Dye For: Coral Ombre!

Crazy about coral? So is Ann Elizabeth!

It's such a gorgeous, summery hue. Then, when paired with ombre, it's just... well... to die for! Check out this inspiration graphic we've put together for Coral Ombre.

If you've never heard of "ombre" before, don't stress. Ombre (pronounced "om-ber") is French for "shade," so whether used in hairstyling or decorating, ombre is simply a fading/melting of one color into another. The photo of the cake is the clearest example of ombre. See how the top of the cake fades into the deep coral at the bottom? Look at you! You're an ombre pro already.

Planning to use coral in your wedding or other event? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below!

Love coral but aren't sure what to pair it with? Here are a few recommended color schemes we found on Design Seeds:

Filtered Tones Fresh Tones
Sweet Flora Vintage Flora

Photo credits for inspiration graphic (from left to right):
Jenny Cookies

Jill Thomas Photography 

Design Fancy Ink

Wishlantern Wedding Lanterns

Wishlantern Wedding Lanterns


DK Designs Hawaii

Ann Elizabeth has no affiliation with the sources above. We simply think their work is lovely and thought you deserved to see it!

A Look we Love: Pastel Perfection

At Fashion Week in NYC this past February, pastels were a HUGE hit. We are super excited about this, and can't wait to bring you today's post: Pastel Perfection.

We love the softness of pastels. They're the perfect statement to make, especially for the brides who are looking for a subdued, feminine feel to their wedding. Can't get enough of this look!

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Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding Chicks

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Inspired by This

Wedding Chicks


Perplexed about Printing?

Every day, we see brides-to-be who are on the verge of tears, because they've spent hours on their own trying to figure out what printing technique to use in printing their wedding invitations.

Is this you, too? If it is, we're here to help! Dreaming up your wedding invitation should be fun, not something to cry over.

With all the different ways to get a beautiful design onto paper, this can get confusing pretty quick, so that's why we've written up a guide for the different techniques available to you through Ann Elizabeth, and hopefully dry some tears (or avoid them all-together!) in the process.

Before we get to specifics, let's talk about a couple common mixups about printing that we clear up for folks all the time:

  • Many people see an image or text that looks "3D" and call it "Embossing." They don't know that there are many ways to achieve that effect-- some more budget-friendly than others. See the "Raised" table to see the difference between these options and how the look is achieved.
  • Most of our clients think that 8.5x11 is pretty much the only size of paper. Little do they know that most bulk printing is done on much larger sheets of paper that are then cut to size.
  • Many brides-to-be get anxiety over choosing ink colors, but luckily we have a solution! Thanks to the Pantone Matching System, you can flip through the Pantone Swatch Book, point to the exact color you've envisioned, and know that your ink will look just like what's in the book. Say "goodbye" to sweating over whether or not your green invitation will come out looking more like puke or the gorgeous tone of olive you planned on.

The tables below explain the basics of common printing techniques for wedding invitations. You'll find 3 sections of the table, organized by the "look" you're going for in your invitations: Raised, Impressed, or Flat.


So there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this post, and that we have shown your "wedding printing woes" the door.


Here's today's pinnable:


A Look We Love: On the edge with EDGE PAINTING!

First, I just have to say- I love doing these posts! Maybe it's because in preparing for them, I get to "revel in my print nerdery" and gawk at so many fabulous printed pieces. Today's topic is nothing short of that, too.

Now, if you're sitting here asking yourself, "What in the world is 'edge painting?"-- Don't worry! You're not alone, and I'm delighted to fill you in. Edge Painting is a technique where color is applied to the thinnest edges of paper to add visual interest. Folks have been known to do bold (or not so bold- both fantastic) pops of any color, metallic, or foil (which is actually called Foil Edging). Bella Figura has a post where they help you figure out which of those techniques is best for you. Check that out here. In a moment you'll see for yourself just how much oompf this adds to any printed piece. Love, love, LOVE it!

If you're interested in learning about how a printer goes about edge painting, Oh So Beautiful Paper has a great post about it. Read that here.

If you're not wanting details, just the goods, wait no longer! Enjoy for yourself the following potpourri of edge painted wonders:

Ooo-La-la! Our French-a-licious Inspiration Window at Lily and Iris

If you've been to Lily & Iris lately, you would have noticed our fabulous, orange display in their Inspiration Window. If you haven't, this post is for you, because the display recently came down. We loved that hint-of-vintage feel so much that we couldn't resist giving you one last look! Check it out for yourself!


Two words: Art. Deco.

We were blown away at the intricate beauty of Ceci NewYork's Art-Deco inspired wedding invitation suite. Stunning. Check it out:

We love the pairing of gold, white, and black. This invitation suite is the perfect combination of glitz & glamour, and a nod to masculinity through the structure of the classic Art Deco font. The script font is a nice addition as well; it brings an elegance to the art deco motif. Fantastic!

Thinking about an Art Deco themed wedding? Here's a great place to start. Check out this article by the style expert for the featured wedding, Natalie Dene-Luke of Intique & Co Styling House.