Utah Bride & Groom Magazine 2013 Issue

It is our honor to be featured in Utah Bride & Groom Magazine’s 2013 issue. We were thrilled to have two of our invitations featured on page 30 in the editorial segment “Personality Type - fun fonts for fashionable couples”, which features unique typesetting, font pairings and font selections. One of our contributions is this floral beauty from our bride, JanEllen Melchior. Utah Bride & Groom Magazine described the fonts we selected for JanEllen as “nostalgic yet modern”. Below is a glimpse of the rest of JanEllen’s beautiful invitations to show off how the whole set came together beautifully as a whole. 

We were also pleasantly surprised to see our plate wrap menu featured on page 50. The idea of having the menu work as a band that wraps over and around the dinner plate was born early in 2012 while collaborating with Jessica White Photography. Below is a look at the pieces we created for the gorgeous ombré styled inspiration shoot photographed by Jessica White. You can view more of the shoot at www.annelizabeth.com

Detail of the front cover And finally, a special shout out to those vendors whose inspiration and talents came together to create the 2013 cover. The cover is a visual icon for the year and it’s worth mentioning the people who brought it together. Congratulations to Marcus Gardner for the wardrobe styling, Versa Artistry for hair and makeup, Honey of a Thousand Flowers for the beautiful bouquet, Alfred Sung, via Lily & Iris for the breathtaking dress, Caterina for the location, and Heather Nan for her gorgeous photography. Kudos on your fabulous work.

Congratulations to Tommi Ellingford-Wardle, February's Bride of the Month!

February 2013: Tommi Ellingford-Wardle!

We have an extra special feature for February's bride of the month. We’re not going to try to cover up the fact that Tommi is Ann Elizabeth’s best friend. Did that fact affect our decision to feature Tommi as our bride of the month... well maybe, except for the fact that Tommi’s invitations turned out so unique and such an expression of her personal style that the invitations are truly a favorite of the Ann Elizabeth team. So much so that we selected her invitations to represent us in our 2013 ads in Utah Bride and Groom Magazine and Salt Lake/Park City Bride Magazine. Our invitation consultant, Ruth Sorenson, sat down with Tommi recently to talk about her low key Las Vegas wedding and her wedding invitations. We hope that you will love Tommi’s “ikat” invitations as much as we do.

The Interview:Ruth: When you first came to us were there any elements of the invitations that you were adamant about including?Tommi: I really wanted letterpress. Second, after letterpress, was the idea that I wanted gold incorporated in some way. I wasn’t really sure about the pattern though, so we tried a bunch of different things.

Ruth: What was the most important thing you wanted to convey to your guests who were receiving your invitation?

Tommi: I wanted it to be an expression of my personality, but also give the vibe of what type of event it was. I wanted it to read as a classy and unique because it was not a traditional Las Vegas wedding. People have preconceived notions of what a Vegas wedding is, and I wanted to communicate this is not a little white chapel where Elvis is going to marry us. Ladies, put your dresses on.

Ruth: Are there elements from your invitation that followed through into the decor of the wedding?

Tommi: I used a pink tone in some of my jewelry, accessories and bouquet. The gold ended up working nicely because our dinner reception space had a rich gold earthy tone to it. Then of course working them into the playing card favors. The invitation design also inspired my place cards because I wanted a continuous look and feel for my guests.

Detail of Tommi's Letterpress Printing PlatesRuth: What advice would you give to brides that are looking to gather their inspiration?Tommi: I spent time like you recommended on Pinterest picking out invitations that caught my eye - positive or negative. It helped me understand what I didn’t want which I feel is just as important as figuring out what you do want. Doing research and finding inspiration helped a tremendous amount.


Ruth: Are there any lessons you learned in the process of dreaming up your invitations that you can share with future brides?

Tommi: I learned that I’m more indecisive than I thought. I feel like I came to you guys with an abstract idea and Ann came back with so many good designs. Really, let the design process guide you. If you don’t like it - move on. If you like it - figure out why.

Ruth: When we meet with brides sometimes there will be an idea that is vocalized but none of the parties can really visualize until the proofing process starts. How did you like the back and forth proofing process?

Tommi: The proofing process with Ann is awesome! Honestly, every time I got a new proof I got so excited. I don't think I would have achieved the same results or have able to let go of some of my old ideas and focus on what I really wanted without Ann’s proofing process. She’s my friend, but it showcased how talented Ann is and how hard she works to understand each bride’s vision.

Thanks for taking time to talk with us Tommi! We are so, so thrilled with your invitations and look forward to working with you again soon on your thank you cards.






Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom Winter/Spring 2013 Issue

One of my favorite things about January is the release of new bridal magazines. Seeing the new issues on the newsstand makes me want to do nothing but drink coffee all afternoon and swoon over the gorgeous goods and ideas that are always in abundance.

We’re extra excited to be featured in Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom Winter/Spring 2013 issue. Check out the gorgeous details of the Long-Pettine Real Wedding on page 52. This is our bride and I thought I would share more details of the invitation we designed for her big day. The bride had guests traveling in for a weekend full of activities and she needed a clean, simple and elegant way to incorporate everything she needed to convey to her guests. We ultimately landed on a pocket on the back of invitation that captures and organizes all of detail cards. It was streamlined and made all of the pieces from the map, itinerary, reception, accommodations and reply card easy for the guests to prepare for the big day.

We also want to give a big shout out to Culinary Crafts for including our equestrian menu in their ad on page 2. The applied lace on the top of the menu was one of my favorite inspirations of late and I love the soft look. For more on that equestrian photo shoot visit Utah Bride Blog.

Detail of our menu featured in the Culinary Crafts Ad Lastly, this post would not be complete without mentioning the wide variety of awesome wedding professionals represented in this issue. A few of those pros came together for the gorgeous cover and deserve a special shout out from the Ann Elizabeth team. Congratulations to Britt Chudleigh, Alta Moda Bridal, Roots, and O.C. Tanner for making the cover with your inspiring work. Utah's wedding scene has never looked so good.


2013 Pantone Color of the Year - Emerald Green

Every year there is a lot of anticipation around Pantone's color of the year and we have to admit that this year was no exception. We are excited to show you a few of our favorite things about Pantone's 2013 pick - Number 17-5641 in Emerald Green.

This refreshing choice for 2013 follows last year’s color Tangerine Tango. It’s quality to create a boost of energy helped an economy that needed to recharge and move forward. With a new year full of dreams and goals. Emerald green creates a sense of rejuvenation, balance and harmony. The human eye sees the color green more in the color spectrum than any other color, making this years color great to incorporate into our daily lives through fashion, beauty, home decor and design.

The concept of the Emerald Isle Martini is definitely a favorite around the studio this week. With the simple ingredients and refreshing look, it’s a must have drink for any occasion. We're also loving the bold move of going emerald green for makeup. With all the options you have with eye shadows, liners, mascaras and nail colors, your sure to get noticed. And lastly, all of the gals at Ann Elizabeth are a little ga-ga over how this bride incorporated emerald green into her wedding. The brides maids dresses are elegant yet fun and the bride brings her own pop of color by wearing emerald heels.

Photo Credits, clockwise from top left:

Green Brides Maids Dresses Spindle Photography

Green Petticoat Arabia Weddings

Green Wedding Invitation Suite Design Work LIfe

Martini Yummly

Ring Alson Jewelers

Green Eye Shadow Sephora

Green Ribbon Invitations Olivia Samuel

Green Sash Sunny April



Congratulations to Brittany Scalabrin-McNamee, January's Bride of the Month!

January 2013: Brittany Scalabrin-McNamee!

This month we are excited to share Brittany’s invitations with you! Brittany came into Ann Elizabeth with a fairly detailed idea of what type of message and feeling she wanted her invitations to convey. As we met with Brittany she conveyed to use that she was after a style that was classy and elegant with an outdoorsy feel. Brittany knew she wanted to have a copper as one of her colors for the invitation because of the history of the copper mines in Butte, Montana near the location of their wedding. We paired the copper with a navy blue and toned it down to give it both a masculine and feminine element. Our invitation consultant Ruth Sorenson sat down with Brittany to get her take on the invitation process. Below are some of the highlights from Brittany’s recent interview.

The Interview:
Ruth: Is there anything about the proofing process that helped you to visualize your invitation and how it would ultimately come together?

Brittany: Definitely! All the options I was given at the beginning helped a lot... I liked being able to say I like this one, not that one and seeing the additional ideas you came up with it made it super easy to figure out what I wanted. Then we were able to go back to the design that I liked the best and make some minor tweaks. It just made it so easy.

Ruth: Are there any elements of the invitations you had positive feedback on?

Brittany: The whole thing! Everyone absolutely loved the colors and said it was different from anything they had seen before. It was unique, I wasn’t just your typical invitations and I love that the color combo was warm and inviting.

Ruth: Did you take any elements from the invitation into your wedding?

Brittany: Well actually I did the reverse and brought elements from my wedding into my invitations with the help of you guys! Mostly the colors, but also the branches and the leaves from the centerpieces I planned for the wedding - the nature elements all tied in together so well!
I’m also really glad that I had you guys do programs and wine bottle labels for me. It really tied things all together and the consistency on the wedding day wouldn’t have been the same without those details.

Detail of invitation and Save the Date
Detail of Programs and Wine Bottles Ruth: What advice would you give to other brides planning their invitations?Brittany: Most importantly I would say don’t limit yourself. When you find something that you really want it, go for it! That’s what I loved about you guys - you brought together elements I never thought could work and when I would suggest something that might have sounded crazy I never felt like you weren’t willing to try it out and let me see how it might look.
My second piece of advise would be to pay Ann Elizabeth to assemble and glue together the invitations. Ha! When I made the decision to do the assembly on my own I thought it would be easier, but by about invitation number 75 I was thinking “this may have been a bad idea!”Ruth: How was your experience with Ann Elizabeth?Brittany: AMAZING! It was fun and you guys just have the best personalities. I was fun to come into the studio and sit and just talk - even about non invitations, but just wedding stuff in general. I always looked forward to coming in because your enthusiasm and how excited you get definitely comes through in your work. That enthusiasm alone reassured me I was getting a quality product that would impress everyone!Thanks for taking time to talk with us Brittany! You were a pleasure to work with!


A Few Of Our Favorite Things

It's hard to believe the holidays are almost here!  We had such a great time working with clients this year and turning their unique and creative ideas into fabulous holiday items!  Here are a few of our favorite things this season from corporate holiday parties, to tags, family celebrations, and christmas cards!

Meet Dustin Schrecengost and see his Fabulous Announcement

Here at Ann Elizabeth we're a lot more than a one trick pony. Sure, we love designing wedding invitations, but we also have lots of fun with other design projects as well. Our client, Dustin Schrecengost, recently joined the staff of skilled professionals at Blakemore Real Estate as a licensed realtor. Our friends at Blakemore Real Estate sent Dustin our way to design and print an announcement for him and we like it so much that we thought we'd share.

We started with a gold and black color palette and developed the announcement from there. The whole announcement pulls out of a nifty pocket and there is a removable business card attached to the announcement. The business card itself features a matte coating and a shiny gold foil logo. So, even when the announcement is long gone, Dustin can rest assured that his business card alone still packs a punch.

Have you made a business move lately? If so, sending a business announcement of the change is a social grace that your clients are sure to appreciate. Anything from a move of location, expanding office space, moving to a new company, a new phone number any business transition is noteworthy. More than anything else, it keeps your name in front of your clients and lets them know that you care enough about them to keep them in the loop.

dustin schrecengost

And finally, we don't endorse just anybody around here (we tend to be pretty persnickety about that kind of thing) but if you're in the market you need to check out Blakemore Real Estate. http://www.blakemorerealestate.com/

In all my dealings with professionals, I must say that Blakemore Real Estate really pays attention to the details and their customer service is pretty incredible. These guys really know what they are doing.

So enjoy Dustin's announcement and think about sending a business announcement of your own. It's sure to instantly make you look like a pro.




Congratulations to Michelle McDonald-Ross, November's Bride of the Month!

bride of the month headerclose ups 1

November 2012: Michelle McDonald-Ross!

We are so pleased to be sharing Michelle's invitations with you. Michelle came to us with an awesome pinterest board flushed out with lots of inspiration. As we sat down with Michelle and talked about the items she had gathered for inspiration we were able to get a feel for Michelle's laid back attitude and easy-going style. By the end of a very productive consultation the scope of her invitations started to come into focus with a size and shape selected, a color palette nailed down and we figured out the different pieces she would need.

Michelle wanted a chevron pattern as well as an autumn branch, tree or leaf to be incorporated into the design. It was a unique combination and we knew we had our work cut our for us.

Our invitation consultant Ruth Sorenson sat down with Michelle to get her take on the process. Here are the highlights from our interview!

large open view photo

The Interview:

Ruth:  One of my favorite things about your invitations was that you challenged us to create an invitation set that had contemporary elements combined with nature elements, what made you decide on those two elements?

Michelle:  I was kind of nervous before meeting with Ann Elizabeth because I knew how I wanted the invitations to feel and I was thinking "how am I going to make these guys understand what I want based on a feeling?" I knew I didn’t want rustic and I didn’t want cold. I was also concerned because people can have different ideas of what natural and modern look like and I wasn’t sure how to explain what I envisioned. It was really good to sit down at the consultation and just rap it out. There really was no specific design in mind when we started; just a vague aloof description of what I wanted them to FEEL like. Letting me talk about what I wanted the invitations to feel like and looking at colors and papers led me to those two main ideas.

Ruth: What helped you know when we got the right combination you were looking for in your design?

Michelle:  When we started the proofing! It was awesome to be able see the different options that Ann came up with based on our consultation. I was able to be selective and let Ann know what I liked and didn’t like. The visualization process worked. For example, I had initially wanted a die-cut leaf for the front of the invitation, but once I saw it in proofs, I realized it wasn’t right for what I wanted. As things started to narrow down to the final decision I was like that’s it!

2nd set of detail images

Ruth: What is your favorite part of the invitations?

Michelle:  It’s hard to narrow it down to one thing because I like that it’s a whole package and everything works together. If I have to pick out a few favorites, I do really like the envelopes liner. I think it’s just a cute detail. I had also forgotten that we picked a textured paper for the wrap and when we got them I thought they were even better than what I remembered from the computer proof.  I like the string tied around the outside as well. It makes the invitation interactive and a fun experience for the guest. Guests want to feel like they’ve been invited to something special and I really feel like my guests got to experience that with the invitation that I sent them.

Ruth:  Have you had any feedback from your family and friends?

Michelle: Yes, A friend of mine in London said “this is the most beautiful thing that I have ever had the pleasure of receiving.” We also received a lot of comments about the RSVP. Everyone though it was fun and showed a little of our personality.

Ruth:  Did the invitation process help set the tone for any other parts of your wedding?

Michelle: It’s funny because we ended up changing our wedding completely during the time that we were working with Ann Elizabeth. We initially had a bigger event planned at LuLand Falls that included a caterer, florist and all of the more traditional elements. It started not being fun I realized my event wasn’t looking like me anymore and we cancelled all of the traditional stuff and reworked our wedding to be a really small, special ceremony with close friends and family outside and then a celebration dinner at snowbird. Once I made those changes I got excited about getting the wedding that wanted.
Going through the invitation process was part of the catalyst that helped me decide I needed to rework things. The invitation process was more relaxed and fun. I wanted everything to feel that way. The invitation helped me to define what I wanted the wedding to feel like.


Ruth: How was your experience working with the Ann Elizabeth team?

Michelle: Great! I really didn’t know what I wanted and I was amazed with the proofing process all the different ideas Ann came up. You guys really listened to my vague vocalizations and were able to manifest them into the perfect invitation. Even my parents and Bill had fun going through the process with me and it was fun to get their opinions about the process. Most of all I love the end product.

Michelle pays it forward:

Ruth: Do you have any advice for any newly engaged ladies getting ready to plan their events?

Michelle: Listen to your instincts.  If you like something and it feels right build on that even if it’s vague and hazy at first. Try to be vocal with the wedding professionals helping you so they can guide you by asking the right questions to ultimately help you have the most enjoyable experience. Start building a selection of images that appeal to you. In situations where words fail, images will speak.


Thanks Michelle! We had a great time working with you.

For all of our pinterest fans, here's your pinnable.

michelle mcdonald pinnable




Halloween Treats on Bourbon Street

Today I thought I'd share a party invitation with a Halloween color palettes that goes beyond the traditional black and orange. Purple and red as shown in this fun invitation set is one of our top picks for Halloween colors right now. A color palette like this one still needs some dark accents in order to achieve the spooky feel, but think of using black as the accent color... the cherry on top.... the finishing touch.... you know what I mean.

Halloween Treats on Bourbon Street

Take my advise and don't be afraid to try out a bright or unusual color combination on your next Halloween project. You might just surprise yourself with the results.

Ann Elizabeth joins Salesforce.com in support of "Light the Night" Walk

Ann Elizabeth was proud to participate in last weekend's "Light the Night" Walk sponsored by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Ann Elizabeth walked with the Utah Salesforce.com team in support of "Team Lynn" - a co-worker currently battling cancer.

Participants carried illuminated balloons and wore LED necklaces during the 1.5 mile walk held after dark in Utah's Sugar House Park on October 13th, 2012. The event raised more than $234,000 dollars to fight Luekemia and give hope to people battling blood cancers.

Thank You to the Salesforce.com Utah team for supporting a worthy cause. Ann Elizabeth was proud to walk with your team in support for a cure.

Ann Elizabeth
Ann Elizabeth with the Salesforce.com Utah Team